A conversational chatbot to automate your help desk!

It's never been easier to build and add a conversational chatbot to your website.

Boost Your Help Desk Productivity

A Jarbot conversational bot will take care of day-to-day support while freeing up your level zero helpdesk to handle the difficult cases.

  • Reduce costs with level 0 support
  • Always on
  • Context Aware

Easy to build and deploy

Jarbot is the easiest way to add a conversational chatbot to your website. Just upload a text file with your knowledge base and Jarbot will learn from it.

  • Easy to create: just a few clicks and knowledge upload
  • Easy to integrate: just copy paste a code snippet into your website
  • Easy to use: the user can choose from offered options or it can type a question.

Boost Your Help Desk Productivity

A Jarbot conversational bot will take care of day-to-day support and will free up your level zero helpdesk to handle the more difficult cases.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Pricing to fit the needs of any company size.



/ month

Ideal for Startups and Small Companies

  • Basic Conversational Chatbot
  • Fast creation with just a knowledge file upload
  • Base color scheme, avatar and logo customization



/ month

Ideal for medium-size businesses to larger businesses

  • Everything in Starter
  • Question Intent Discovery and easy API integration.
  • Context aware



/ month

Ideal for larger and enterprise companies

  • Everything in Basic
  • Collect similar questions to which it can not answer
  • Alerts a human owner of missing knowledge
  • Teachable through a conversational interface

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jarbot?

Jarbot is a conversational chatbot platform that uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms to learn about your business and use that knowledge in a chat-like interface when dealing with questions from your clients.

When will it be available?

The Starter plan is slated to be general available at the end of June 2021. Subscribe to it and will email you when it is ready or if you could be part of the beta program.

Will I be able to upgrade my account?

Yes. You will be able to upgrade and downgrade according to your needs.

How long will it take to build a Jarbot

Depends a lot on how much knowledge you give to it. It can be as fast as 5 minutes to a few hours.

How do I implement into my website

Implementation in your website is very simple. You will receive an HTML code snippet that you can add it anywhere in your website.

Is it available only on websites? What about Discord, Slack, etc?

Website integration has priority, but we are working on integrations for other platforms.

Can I cancel my account if I not longer need it?

Of course, you can feel free to cancel your account at anytime, and you can feel free to come back and upgrade again whenever you're ready.

What if I need help with the integration?

If you need help with integration and building, we are more than happy to setup a videocall (zoom/google meet/skype, etc) to assist you.

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